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20th February 19
Important Dates. : Adobe Acrobat file (150.5k)

Well done to our Golden Merit People!       Congratulations to all these brilliant children!!


Benjamin Chadwick

Kady-Jo Birtles Hennessy


Cooper Barber

Lyla Parsons


Dylan Holleran

Joshua Brown


Kailob Carr

Isabella Holland


Scarlett Mitchell

JoJo Altham


Leo Greenwood

Phoebe Whitfield


Brandon-Lee Kennedy

Damian Temple


Dylan Scott

Jodie Marsden

At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


SIAMS Report 2017 : Adobe Acrobat file (217.9k)

Please have a read of our RE Inspection report. We are really proud of it and I hope you are too with the recognition that the people who work here really do love and care for the children of PG.

(Louise’s) Top Tips for supporting your child’s language development: Listening is the foundation for learning. Help your child improve their listening skills by playing games such as musical bumps or musical statues. This is fun and it will improve their listening skills. To challenge their listening skills; can they listen to you clap or stamp a beat and copy it exactly. Or can they repeat a silly sentence back to you? Can they make it gradually longer and use words that are more complex? Touch to talk: if your child is absorbed in an activity or appears not to be listening, gently touch their arm as you talk to them.

Valentine’s Day Misery- Happy Valentine’s Day to all you older Valentines and I do feel a bit like an old misery here (as I use Valentine’s Day to make this point) but I don’t encourage ‘Valentine relationships’ at school. Just for your information: when a child tells me they are ‘going out with’ someone; my answer is always, ‘I don’t talk about that.’ This ends the conversation because I don’t want to encourage it. I’ve always done that and I’m usually met with a sad face but in my professional opinion, primary aged children aren’t emotionally equipped to deal with such ‘relationships’. I know this because of all the upset and argument, broken ‘relationships’ create in school. We do, however, teach about the importance of healthy relationships within the curriculum at appropriate, age-related times.

Online Safety: Message to Parents Following PC Dave’s visit last week, we still had to deal with some of our children ignoring these important online safety messages (thankfully with sensible parents). Giving out personal information is a big NO! NO! Please don’t do it. As parents, please make yourself aware of what your child is doing online and to whom they are chatting. Do you know what they are saying to each other? Have you seen the conversations? Do you create access to them for yourselves? Do you make that a condition of them owning a phone? Do you ask what that ‘deleted message’ was? Do you know what that means? The age limit for most of these platforms is actually 13… which is above all primary school children’s ages. Again, it is my professional opinion that primary aged children are too young to deal with the issues that they are now dealing with. I know it’s hard but as parents, you’re in charge.

Just FYI: Pupil Access Team Contacts for Burnley Schools  General Enquiries: Elaine Furness, 01254 220710 and Javed Khan, 01254 220708  New Reception Year Primary Admissions Enquiries: Sue Lord, 01254 220742  New Year 7 Secondary Admissions Enquiries: Denise Jones, 01254 220718

Pennine Lancashire Community Farm Community Gardener, Aimee Robinson came to PG this week and she is sending a plan to see how she can engage with our grounds to grow plants and food. I want us to be ‘bee friendly’ here so she’s on with that plan too. Any parents or grandparents who want the opportunity to be involved in our gardening, tending and growing plans here, please let us know because we’d really appreciate your help. Again, watch this space for further details.

FOPG Cake Sale Yesterday - Thanks to our FOPG and our brilliant parents for running this event that raised £173.20 for buying a cake!! As you can see we raised more this time …because we charged more but we’ll probably revert to the normal ‘3 for a pound’ next time. Unless you want us to charge even more? Please let us know if you do! But don’t worry…I’m not expecting many of you to make that request! Thanks for your support though!

Packed Lunches - Another polite reminder concerning our Healthy Schools approach at PG We cannot encourage children to bring chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or sweets in their packed lunches. By ‘chocolate bars’ I mean ‘bars of chocolate’ not ‘chocolate biscuit bars’ like Kit Cat biscuits (and I know I’ve spelt it incorrectly …but there are other chocolate biscuit bars available!!). We’re just trying to be sensible so please support this request because it will help towards a healthier life for your child!

Also this week: Y3 had another Engineer Visit from Veeka (thanks to Mrs. Morton and Mrs. Mills).

PG Sport This week: Fundamental Movement Y2; Street Dance Y3; Swimming Y4; Athletics with KS1 Football with KS2 winning one and losing one this week (well done to the team and thanks to the organisers!); Multi-skills YR; and Running Club Y5/6 (Going well - thanks to MissT, MissB, MissW and Mrs.T for leading!).

VOLUNTEERS WANTED for Woodland Management on Sunday 10th March 2019 10.30–3.00pm Trees for Burnley volunteers will be coppicing and thinning recently planted areas on the Greenway so if you’d like to help, please come along. You can help for as little, or long, as you wish. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, explore the area, exercise and make a difference. Please wear warm clothing, good footwear and bring some gardening gloves if you have any. Parking is available next to Equinox Building Services Unit, Magnesium Way, BB12 7EJ.

Non-Uniform Day today as the last day of the half term before our half term holiday and we raised £78.25. Many thanks! Have a great half term holiday and we return to school on Monday 25th February 2019.

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