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30th September 20
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Year 6 Leavers

Hi year 6,

Now I know this isn’t the normal way of leaving primary school but we couldn’t let you leave without doing something to remember all of the brilliant years you have spent at Padiham Green. On this page you will see messages from teachers, pictures of you throughout your time at Padiham Green, some videos of your own memories from your time here, the certificates being awarded and the trophy awards. You will certainly be a year 6 to remember as the year 6 that left during a global pandemic and I hope you see something on this page that will remind you of all the wonderful times you’ve had at Padiham Green.

We will miss you so much and thank you once again for being a wonderful year 6.

Miss Whittle :)

A message from Miss Taylor


Well Y6, I cannot believe it is your time to leave us already! And in such unusual circumstances. I had the pleasure of you being the first class of children I worked with, all the way back when you were in Y1. I came in every Friday to work alongside both yourselves and Miss Whittle. I loved how individual all of your personalities were and they are still the same today! Although, of course, more mature. You have grown into such lovely, respectful and funny children and I’m so sad that I won’t be able to say goodbye to each and everyone one of you as we normally do! However we are always here at Padiham Green for you to visit us for any reason you need! I will miss your class so much but also look forward to what the future has in store for you all! Good luck on your new journey Y6!

Love Miss T

A message from Mrs. Thompson


We raced across the open waves,

in canoes, long and wide.

For the jump, you knew “we must be brave”,

as you plunged in deep from the side.


You saddled upon an elephant of wonderous size,

following paths overgrown with vines.

A melancholic moment, for you could feel their cries,

as you left behind those who met their demise.


A thunderous roar of singing,

that swept across room.

whilst depicting an umbrella flying,

and a man who was fond of his broom.


You wielded your swords with valour,

as you battled across the bleak land.

You got what you wanted with bad manor,

Whilst washing the blood from your hand.


We tossed the ingredients together,

into a pan, large and round.

A memory and a skill, forever,

of that distinct sizzling sound.


All of which were a form of art,

illustrating life in the future, present and past.

Your story with us is ending, but this is only the start,

remember what you have learnt, cherish the memories, make them last.


Thank you every one of you, it has been a pleasure!

Mrs Thompson x

A message from Mr. Dixon


A message from Mrs. Tyrer


A message from Mr. Tranmer


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