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16th September 19
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Forest School

Mrs. Perkins wants to launch a logo competition for budding PG designers to create a logo for all our Forest Schools work at Padiham Green. We intend this logo to be used in all our Forest Schools literature AND we want to make a huge version of it to be erected somewhere on our Forest Schools Outdoor Classroom to be constructed below the junior playground. Find some inspiration and get your thinking / designing caps on! Watch this space for further details. 

Mrs. Perkins is appealing for wellies. If you have any children’s wellies that you don’t need any more, we’ll gratefully receive them. We are buying weather suits so our children are prepared for all weathers and wellies are part of that outdoor uniform. Please help us if you can.


Forest School Fun


Another busy week building our bug hotel. After researching different natural resources different bugs like, we continued to build our bug hotel in the school grounds.

We added mud, moss, pine cones, leaves, twigs, seeds and bark - all the things which different bugs need to survive.

We collected so many things that we were able to add 2 more storeys to our hotel!

After all that work we definitely deserved our hot chocolate at the end.

We can't wait to see what or who might be staying at the hotel when we check next week.

This week we built our very own bug hotel.

We talked about all the different things which make a good habitat in order to find a suitable place to build it. We then had to collect all the necessary materials such as twigs, bricks and leaves in order to fill the hotel.

We built on a solid flat surface and are going to use different materials to create different layers in order to attract different bugs and creatures.

In our computing lesson we began researching other bug hotels and finding out which natural materials were best for attracting the different creatures.

28th September 2016


This week in Forest Schools we had to create a set of rules which we could follow. We had to work in groups to come up with as many sensible rules as possible and race to the dance studio to record them.

We then had the task of making a scarecrow for the harvest celebrations using as many natural elements as we could find. This included stuffing the jumper with leaves and straw, finding twigs and grass for the hair and anything else we thought might work!

We had to work co-operatively in teams and share resources in order to complete the task.

21st September 2016


This week saw the start of Forest Schools where we link our learning to the great surroundings we have at Padiham Green. We got to grips with measuring different coloured lengths of wool to represent worms, cutting them and then hiding them from each other. When we collected them it was easy to find the brightly coloured wool but almost imposible to see the brown and green. This helped us to understand ideas about camoflague and safe habitiats.



We are very excited to announce the launch of our Forest Schools Development at Padiham Green led by Mrs. Perkins.  Forest School lessons will be timetabled for all our classes this year and these lessons will have clear links to aspects of the National Curriculum but it’ll be learning in a different and interesting way – almost like learning in secret!

Year 3 and year 4 will be the first classes to begin their lessons next week on Wednesday 21st September and will continue every Wednesday until 19th October but every class will have these lessons throughout the year.

The lessons will take place in normal school time and we ask that your child has suitable clothing to change into including wellies or old trainers and appropriate waterproof clothing because we’ll be out in all weathers, whatever the weather!  Please ensure they also have a large carrier bag to bring all the potentially dirty stuff home.

We’re also making plans to build an outdoor classroom in which to base these studies and my thanks to Y5 last year for designing and making the model of what we want it to look like.

Mrs. Perkins is being trained this year and she is very enthusiastic about this initiative so we offer our thanks to her too.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Dixon


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