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20th November 18
Important Dates. : Adobe Acrobat file (150.5k)

Well done to our Merit People!       Congratulations to all these brilliant children!!


Jack Stockdale


Tyler-James Humphreys


Alivia Shearer




Jaxon Slater


Olivia McEvoy


Ebony Catlow

At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


SIAMS Report 2017 : Adobe Acrobat file (217.9k)

Please have a read of our RE Inspection report. We are really proud of it and I hope you are too with the recognition that the people who work here really do love and care for the children of PG.

Thanks for supporting our Children in Need effort this year! We raised £158.85 which obviously helps less fortunate children than us. Thank you so much!

Parents’ Evening – Thanks for coming! I shouldn’t really be thanking you for supporting Parents’ Evening but I always do because it’s so important for your child to see you involved in their educational life. You give them such an advantage when you support your child’s school and his or her teacher because that pupil/teacher relationship is so important in your child’s life. This relationship is massively enhanced when there is respect and appreciation from you for what your child’s teacher tries to do for your child every day. We really value your support and so I always say thank you. [I have to add this next bit because there are some parents that unfortunately don’t make it a priority for their child. These are sometimes the same parents that come to us towards the end of the juniors when they realise their child is behind their age-related expectations (ARE) but at that point many opportunities have been missed.]

Staffing News - Courtney Mercer both completes her two-year apprenticeship with us today and she starts her maternity leave. The Governors are now busy again with arranging her replacement to support Mrs. Barber in our school office. This time, Mrs. Barber will take a lead as Mrs. Ashton will have left by the time the process concludes, even though she will still help us sort it all out. We offer our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Courtney and her partner as they start a new phase of their lives and we say thanks for the excellent role she has played for us at Padiham Green over these last two years.

‘Padiham Remembers’ - Our Padiham primary schools’ contribution to Padiham’s 100 Year Remembrance Celebrations, was excellent this year with the poppy display in Memorial Park. Yet, there was unhappiness expressed that the Parks people had removed them too quickly and I wasn’t quick enough on Monday morning to stop that from happening (even though removing them quickly was always the plan). I’d thought of keeping some of the poppies for us to make a creative memorial of this event (well…Mrs. Mellor rather than ‘us’ tbh!) then I thought of the other schools possibly wanting to do the same so I requested them to be dropped off here. However, because: a) it was so brilliant and b) it was so wet on Sunday that people just went home, I thought it’d be great to put them back …especially when people started expressing disappointment at not having seen them. The Parks people (Simon Goff and Sean Kerr) agreed it was a shame and they have been brilliant to allow permission for this to happen … so the schools replaced them today to be removed on Monday. Debbie Barsby (our Chair of Governors) has shared this plan on the Padiham community page and so all the primary school children in Padiham hope the good folk of Padiham enjoy the poppies once again this weekend as ‘Padiham Remembers’.

Just FYI: Pupil Access Team Contacts for Burnley Schools  General Enquiries: Elaine Furness, 01254 220710 and Javed Khan, 01254 220708  New Reception Year Primary Admissions Enquiries: Sue Lord, 01254 220742  New Year 7 Secondary Admissions Enquiries: Denise Jones, 01254 220718

Packed Lunches and Sweets - Just a polite reminder that sweets aren’t allowed in packed lunches so please don’t send them in. Many thanks.

Year 3 and Y5 Visit to Horrible Histories: Egyptians Thanks to Mr. T and Mrs. Mills for organising the visit to this brilliant production at Preston Guild Hall Theatre. It was really informative of course and a really enjoyable experience for all (but the 3D bit frightened me to death at one point tbh!)! …and Callum! Sorry Callum!

Edible Explorers - I saw this after school activity this week and I agree with Mr. T that it was brilliant! Miss Laura was amazing in the way she led all our budding master chefs! 

Sports at PG - We’ve had Sports Hall Athletics (Y5+Y6 and we came third! Well done!), Football, Skills to Play (Y1), Tag Rugby (Y5) and our Sports Ambassadors are at Burnley College today too so as always, many thanks to our resident sports people: Miss B, Miss T, Miss Whittle and our two Mr. Gs! I do refrain from calling them Big Mr. G and ….!

Mrs. Tyrer visited PG too this week and she met all the children in school and some parents after school too so she’ll be made very welcome when she starts with us in January. She seemed excited to start too!

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