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23rd October 17

This Half Termly Gospel Value is Creativity

At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


Apply for a secondary school place, click on the logo below.


If your child is in year six you should apply for a place at a secondary school.  Applications are open between September and October each year.  You need to apply for a place at a secondary school, even if it’s linked to your child’s current primary school, or your child's brother or sister is already at the school.

Closing date for Primary School - 15th January 2018

Closing date for Secondary School - 31st October 2017


Please click on the Lancashire image below to take you to the Lancashire County Council website.

SIAMS Report 2017 : Adobe Acrobat file (217.9k)

Please have a read of our RE Inspection report. We are really proud of it and I hope you are too with the recognition that the people who work here really do love and care for the children of PG.

Well done to our successful Merit People!       A really big well done to all these brilliant children!!


 Gracie Taylor-Morris


Oakley Allen


Lola Thompson


Jake Clough


Joshua Clark


Cameron Hesmondhalgh


Owen Morris

Final Discipline at Home Series: “They do for you but they don’t do for me!” The whole discipline thing is about setting a high standard; being consistent by responding the same way every time; being vigilant and catching them being good; and do it with a smile (with love and care!). That’s essentially it and it isn’t easy but it does work.

From October 2017, all children in England in YR and Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be offered the flu vaccination in the form of a nasal spray. The reason that the programme is being offered in schools is because school-based immunization programmes provide a highly effective means of delivering important health programmes to school-aged children, ensuring good uptake. Flu can be a very unpleasant illness in children. Annual immunization will not only provide important protection to individual children but will also reduce the spread of flu to their families and the wider community e.g. protecting younger siblings, grandparents and those who are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill from the flu virus. The continued rollout to new cohorts of primary school-age children is based upon advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), an independent expert committee which advises the government on vaccination policies. Flu vaccination benefits to schools helps to protect children against flu, which in turn, may help to protect other pupils and staff and reduce absenteeism rates; it promotes a healthy working environment in schools and the wider community, including amongst parents; the engagement in public health programmes, including vaccination, will help to evidence criteria relating to personal, social, health and economic education PSHE; and it provides an opportunity to integrate learning about the benefits of vaccination into the school curriculum including history and science. This is just for your information.

Our Year 3 children will see the return of Mrs. Mills on Monday after her maternity leave and she will join Miss Wade in Year 3 for the remainder of the week to help her get to know this Year 3 class before she fully takes over after half term. Advice to Year 3: make a great first impression on Mrs. Mills Year 3!

Non-Uniform Day Message personally written from Y6 ‘Next Thursday we are asking for children to come in non-uniform and wear something purple to raise money that will be donated to Padiham Rotary Club. On Wednesday class 6 will perform an assembly to the rest of the school, in order to raise awareness of polio. We will be telling the children what polio is and the impact on many children's lives. We will also be planting purple crocus bulbs, kindly donated by the Rotary Club. The purple crocus is a symbol of Rotary's worldwide campaign to eradicate polio, with its colour representing the purple dye used to mark the finger of a child to indicate they have received their life saving oral polio vaccine. Please send your child to school on Thursday wearing something purple and with a 50p or more donation.’ Lola Marsden (Head Girl)

Tower Wood was another great success! For those following the Twitter feed would have seen the amazing experiences the children have had. It’s an important milestone for Y6 and I’m so delighted they’ll always look back on that week as a fantastic part of their final year at Padiham Green. Once again, so many thanks to Miss Whittle, Mrs. De’Ath, Mrs. Atkinson, Miss B and Miss T for giving up their own family time to become a PG Tower Wood Family! Brilliant PG memories! Below is just one of many memories from our Year 6 pupils. ‘The new, exciting experiences are now over. Year 6 all went on a fantastic trip and each and every one of them did something new (and earned a jigsaw piece). It’s devastating how the time went so quickly and how we only had three days to do all the amazing activities. You probably think that being away from your family and phone for three days is bad but at Tower Wood you have no time to play on your phone. If you were thinking of not going to Tower Wood; you should think again. The activities that you do there are brilliant: kayaking, canoeing, gyhll scrambling, sailing, a walk to visit a quarry and even jumping in the lake! The food there is delicious too! The bedrooms are luxurious, so be excited for Tower Wood.’ Ivor Grattan (year 6)

Just a thank you to Mrs. Simpson and Courtney for leading this wonderful opportunity for both residents and our children alike! It’s such an amazing community link where young and older people get together and learn from each other and just enjoy each other’s company. Very special!

Poppies and other items are for sale here at school from Monday 23rd October 2017.

Half term starts after school on Thursday 26th October 2017.

Purple Mash is our fun online learning area.

All pupils have their own user name and password to access the site where they are able to use a large selection of 2simple software to complete homework tasks set at school, as well as learn different techniques using their computers.

The children's work can be saved and they can access this both at home or school. This allows them to complete homework tasks and show their family work they have been doing at school.

The work is saved online in a safe and secure area. If you child forgets their password please speak to their class teacher.

Click on the link below to log in and enjoy using Purple Mash.


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