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17th August 17

This Half Termly Gospel Value is Truthfulness


Christians believe that truth is revealed in the Bible and supremely in the person and life of Jesus Christ.  Through Jesus' teaching we are given an insight into the nature of God and the way in which he means us to live.



SIAMS Report 2017 : Adobe Acrobat file (217.9k)

Please have a read of our RE Inspection report. We are really proud of it and I hope you are too with the recognition that the people who work here really do love and care for the children of PG.

All our children leave Padiham Green with many blessings bestowed upon them by the brilliant people who love and care about them here. Every single one of our children is a success and the progress our team makes at Padiham Green is really impressive! There is overwhelming success celebrated in your children’s reports again this year and I hope you received a good one. Most of you will, which is a cause of great celebration here with all our teachers and staff. There are still a few, however, that include requests for more effort and more involvement from you with school so we can join together more effectively (Reading!). So thank you for all your brilliant parental support - you give your children such great advantages that we so appreciate in school.

Once again, thanks for trusting us with your children! I also want to thank our excellent team of PG people who expertly and lovingly continue to lead our journey here. Mrs. Atkinson and I; and going forward, Mrs. Atkinson, Mr. Tranmer and I would also like to thank Canon Rev. Jones, Rev. Mike and our Chair of Governors, Mrs. Barsby (and all our Governors) for their continuing support and to our PTFA and all our families for supporting us! Thank you. Together we can make a great difference.

We also say fond farewells to Mr. Klee, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Seal and Miss Foster. Two retirements today after 15 years combined service at PG and 75 years in total to the teaching profession. What great servants to the profession and to PG! Colin and Elaine take very best wishes from us all here for a very happy retirement! Mr. Klee’s successful promotion to Deputy Headship is wonderful for PG to see such a true professional leave with great success and Miss Foster moves to another school. Thank you all for all you’ve done!

School’s out for the summer today and we re-open on Tuesday 5th September 2017. Have an amazing summer! Please join the Padiham Library Summer Challenge or at least read; stay safe; eat well; clean your teeth; learn your tables (PLEASE!); relax….and smile! Really big love from everyone here!

Purple Mash is our fun online learning area.

All pupils have their own user name and password to access the site where they are able to use a large selection of 2simple software to complete homework tasks set at school, as well as learn different techniques using their computers.

The children's work can be saved and they can access this both at home or school. This allows them to complete homework tasks and show their family work they have been doing at school.

The work is saved online in a safe and secure area. If you child forgets their password please speak to their class teacher.

Click on the link below to log in and enjoy using Purple Mash.


At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


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