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27th February 17

Attendance figures (for last week) and our Successful Golden Merit People! A big well done to all these brilliant children!!

YR 98.33%

Cian Murphy

+ Amelia Booth

Y1 98.97%

Evie-Grace Sedgwick + Ruby Grattan

Y2 97.96%

Jack Hollywell

+ Rose Fish

YR3 98.33%

Paige Rea

+ Callum Freidrich

Y4 100%

Alicia Cowan

+ Bexsley Mullan

Y5 96.88%

Kadie Robinson + Chloe Moore

Y6 97.31%

Mollie Kostilek-Smith

+ Keira Hosker

Please have a look at our website for details on Online Safety. You’ll find ‘Think you know?’ on our main page and under the Safeguarding - Lancashire Safeguarding tabs, you’ll find a link to the Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board which is a brilliant source of superb information and guidance for parents. Please click on the ‘Parents and Carers’ tab and have a look. Loads to see!

As a head lice prevention measure, please just tie your child’s hair up. You sometimes take your frustrations out on us unfairly as though we divvy head lice out at the end of a day! We don’t! Some people take our advice but unfortunately some people don’t. I’ve also noticed more children wearing jewellery, earrings and nail varnish (!?) for some reason and this isn’t appropriate at primary school. These things are not safe for PE and they go against our Governors’ wishes and requests through our uniform policies. Please support us in these areas. Thanks.

I know this has caused some consternation but I am delighted with the way so many of you have responded and most reasonably expressed your concerns. It’s important to state at the outset, the bar has been raised nationally and we have to respond or be left behind in the new age-related expectations that are part of our teaching at Padiham Green today. We know some of our children are feeling below where they should be (along with many others nationally) but our job, and by that I mean home and school continuing to work together, is to provide the best opportunities for our children. For those parents who sat with their children and calmly went through the papers and who witnessed for yourself what they were doing and who saw how they performed …and then went on to help and encourage them, thank you so much! Moving from ‘….please help your children learn their times tables’ to ‘…there are problems created when your children don’t know their times tables’ is difficult for both home and school. If children don’t know their times tables for example, we know mathematics is more difficult for them and their performances in tests does suffer as a result! The answer is to help and encourage your child learn his or her times tables and that will make a big difference. Another phenomenon we’ve unearthed concerns rushing to finish first! We need to understand, being first to finish doesn’t bring any extra marks (in fact you probably lose some!) and we’ll be talking about this in school! Taking tests and exam technique is important to discuss in school and we have loads of advice to help ….sensitively. Why not do our best if we can? We’ve just got to learn how ….and we do that best together.

Please keep toddlers away from areas of our grounds where daffodils are emerging. More will be emerging after ½ term hopefully but they need a chance to grow without trampling so our grounds can look beautiful in bloom!

Fire Drill - Excellent evacuation! 1m 20secs for the juniors and 1m 40 seconds for the infants! Excellent! Thanks everyone!

Purple Mash is our fun online learning area.

All pupils have their own user name and password to access the site where they are able to use a large selection of 2simple software to complete homework tasks set at school, as well as learn different techniques using their computers.

The children's work can be saved and they can access this both at home or school. This allows them to complete homework tasks and show their family work they have been doing at school.

The work is saved online in a safe and secure area. If you child forgets their password please speak to their class teacher.

Click on the link below to log in and enjoy using Purple Mash.


At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


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