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22nd January 19
Important Dates. : Adobe Acrobat file (150.5k)

Well done to our Merit People!       Congratulations to all these brilliant children!! 


Ella Wroe 


Toby Moore 


Joshua Brown 


Odin Marcroft 


Travis Tudor 


Chloe Flounders  


Joshua Clark 


Dylan Scott 

At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


SIAMS Report 2017 : Adobe Acrobat file (217.9k)

Please have a read of our RE Inspection report. We are really proud of it and I hope you are too with the recognition that the people who work here really do love and care for the children of PG.

I love it when children feel so passionate about something that they become motivated to do something about it! An exciting outcome of our Environment Week has been the formation of a PG group called Eco-Warriors! These people are working with Mrs. Gardiner and they have arranged various roles for themselves to ensure our carbon footprint at Padiham Green reduces. We now have screen and light monitors and I’m particularly delighted about that because any reduction in wasted electricity will now save spending on our budget if our electricity bills reduce. Thank you! There are other innovations too that our leadership team now has to consider as we are tasked with making decisions about many issues. E.g. plants in our classrooms to provide more oxygen; compost bins for KS1; eco-bricks from Y4 and Y6 which I think is brilliant (…watch this space!); and (as well as a giant panda in Y4) the adoption of an orangutan in Y5. Yes! A Padiham Green orangutan. Brilliant!   

 Please let Mrs. Barber in the office know if you are collecting your child in school time for a medical appointment. Please bring a letter or some evidence of the appointment with you then we can authorise it accordingly as a medical absence … otherwise we can’t! It would also be helpful to improve our efficiency that if your child is absent, to ring the office to let us know. Many thanks!

PG Running Club We had a really impressive PG Running Club group setting out at 8am this morning, fully kitted out to cope with the cold, morning air. Well done to everyone for getting here so early too. Going forward, please be warned that we will set off promptly so please don’t be late or you will be left behind! Many thanks to Miss T, Miss B, Miss Whittle and Mr. T for leading this brilliant opportunity. I think Mrs. Tyrer is joining next week too. 

Just FYI: Pupil Access Team Contacts for Burnley Schools  General Enquiries: Elaine Furness, 01254 220710 and Javed Khan, 01254 220708  New Reception Year Primary Admissions Enquiries: Sue Lord, 01254 220742  New Year 7 Secondary Admissions Enquiries: Denise Jones, 01254 220718

SWAT Y6 ‘Community Day’ Y6 will welcome Y6 groups from Reedley and Whittlefield next week and two groups of our pupils will go to those schools too. It is a celebration of ongoing friendship between our schools and now a celebration of our communities.  

Tower Wood 2019 for Y6 2019/2020 (Current Year 5) Great excitement abounds already throughout Year 5 about this so I think their trip is going to be a resounding success!  

Sea life Centre and Madam Tussaud’s Educational Visit for Year 6   This was a well-executed visit and the children learned loads from these experiences. Thanks to Miss Whittle for organising it and to Miss T and Mrs. Mellor for helping too.  

PG Sport This week: Fundamental Movement Y2; Street Dance Y3; Swimming Y4; Multi-skills YR; Girls’ football tournament KS2; and Running Club Y5/6.  

Winter weather is starting to threaten snow, so if it does come, our PG default positon is to remain open unless we have to close. That decision will be announced via Radio 2BR so watch out for that! We always aim to remain open.  

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