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25th August 16

At Padiham Green we are currently thinking about how to keep our children safe when they use the internet. For parents and students who would like more information about this topic can follow this link.


Between 4th-7th August 

Our own  Mr. Dixon and 5 other riders will be completing a 4 day sponsored bike ride challenge, between 4th-7th August across Tanzania and Kenya ( 226 miles / 364 km ). They will be riding from Moshi, in Tanzania, crossing the border at Namanga and riding through to Nairobi, in Kenya.

The ride team is known as ‘Team Tanken 2016’.

We say a wonderfully fond farewell to Mrs. Ennis who retires today after 25½ years service at PG and 38 years in total to the teaching profession. What a servant to the profession and what a servant to PG! We had a very fitting party yesterday (incl. flash mob!) with many fond farewells in her honour and we include her as one of our PG leavers today. She takes very best wishes from us all here for a very happy retirement! :                      School’s out for the summer and we re-open on Monday 5th September 2016. I hope you all have an amazing summer. Please watch out for our PG summer challenge leaflets; join the Padiham Library Summer Challenge; stay safe on the roads; eat well; clean your teeth; use the Greenway; climb Pendle Hill; write a ‘Dear Diary’ every day; learn your tables (PLEASE!); and lie down in some really long grass and breathe in some fresh air and watch clouds; and let the world slow down….and smile! Really, really big love from everyone here! :                      

It’s my pleasure to thank our out-going team Tyler, Bronte, Ashton and Faye. They have represented us so well!

It is also my great pleasure to announce our new team:  

Head Boy: Mason Daly-Jagger: Head Girl: Demileigh Robinson; Deputy Head Girl: Millie Young; and Deputy Head Boy: Benj amin Markham.

Congratulations and good luck!

Mrs Edwards and Mrs Gardiner went on an adventure to China!

You can follow their journey here by clicking on the flag below...

Image result for flag china

Jesus said, "Come, follow me." Matthew 4:19